Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Steve Jobs "miracle" in the Valley

They came alone or in groups, giddy with excitement or hushed with awe. They brought flowers and ribbons and broken-down PowerBooks. They lined the sidewalks of this quiet suburban neighborhood, patiently waiting to see what everyone had been talking about.

There, on the wall of the garage where it all began more than 30 years ago, stood a six-foot-tall slime mold in the shape of Steve Jobs.

Angus McDongle noticed the growth as he skateboarded to work this morning.

"I was like, whoa," said the 37-year-old, who works as a copy technician at a nearby Kinkos. "It was unmistakable. The glasses, the turtleneck, the whole 'screw you I'm Steve Jobs' attitude. And when I remembered Apple Computer was incorporated on April 1, 1976, I had a total Mulder moment."

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