Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Security study: You will be owned

Enterprises seeking a modicum of certainty in the ever-evolving threat landscape finally have it: No matter how much human, technological, and financial resources you commit to securing your enterprise, you're hosed.

In a recent paper published by the Foundation of Underground Developers (FUD), an all-star team of high-ranking experts assembled from a collection of the industry's leading anti-malware labs contends that despite continued investments made in a wide range of security technologies, nearly all businesses remain utterly helpless in defending themselves from external attacks.

From botnets to spear-phishing, to cross-site scripting and DDoS (distributed denial of service) threats, there are no shortage of attacks that will "summarily exploit companies' ubiquitous vulnerabilities" and "expose their most sensitive data to any half-baked thieves with Internet access," said the FUD researchers who authored the paper.

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